Too Young (or Poor) to Plan

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Too Young To Plan

Youíre Never Too Young To Plan. A poll by Associated Press has found that 64 percent of baby boomers currently do not have a living will or health care directive. Many say that the primary reason they donít, is because they feel healthy and young.

No Plan Equals No Solution

Baby boomers are notorious for denying the onset of old age, but a living will and health care directives have nothing to do with age. Consider the case of Terry Schiavo, who was only 26 when she collapsed at her home and started a nationwide debate Ė and years of court battles ó about end of life care.

Essential Required Documents

Living wills and health care directives allow you to make your wishes known about who you want making decisions for you in case you become incapacitated. You should determine what kind of medical treatment you want (or donít want), should you be unable to speak for yourself.

Too Poor To Plan

No matter your age, health, or financial situation; creating a healthcare directive and nominating a healthcare agent to make decisions for you when you are unable is essential. It not only eases the way in the hospital in case of emergency, but making your wishes clear will allow your family to be kept informed about medical conditions, and options. This information cannot be shared with relatives or anyone else without the pre-need completed form. save your family from a difficult situation. Ask your estate planner about executing Advanced Healthcare Directive as soon as possible. Do it for your family.

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