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Costs of a Will

Itís inexpensive, but much more expensive without a will or with a poorly thought-out plan. Considering what a mistake could cost your loved ones, legal fees for drafting a will are a relatively small expense, depending on the complexity of your estate.

Making a Will

While there are plenty of no-cost and low-cost will creation options online, none of them will guarantee that a will you create on your own will not have any mistakes that could cost your heirs plenty. Our professionals can give some Free Help when creating your will.

Avoids Mistakes

A will must be free of any errors to be valid. Some of the most common errors include forgetting to sign the will, not letting anyone know where it is, forgetting to update your will, and making changes, or additions to a will incorrectly.

Eliminate confusion

Wills that are basic or too simple often cause confusion. Language must be highly specific and estate planners use standard language that will be understood by courts, executors and beneficiaries.

Contingencies of a Will

Cover the contingencies. Since you probably donít think like an attacking lawyer, you are not likely to envision all the contingencies that must be covered in a will. For example, what happens if you outlive a beneficiary in your will? Or if an asset you are willing to someone is later sold before you die?

Validity of a Will

Handwritten wills may be considered invalid if they do not follow the proper guidelines. Different states have different rules on how many and who may witness a will, as well as other variations that must be taken into account.

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