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Prenuptial Agreement

Avoid Prenuptial Agreement

A Prenuptial Agreement is really saying, "I don't have full faith in maintaining a permanent partnership with this person!" This is very understandable, considering the high rate of divorce, and the serial relationships accepted in society. But, asking for a signed Prenup is still the best way to destroy chances of successful marriage. Most couples just bite the bullet, go without the agreement (or discussion) and statistics and the news releases keep us informed of the fallout and failures.

Create a Better Agreement

A Private Asset Trust plan does NOT require the discussion or the signature of the prospective partner! You must put it in place prior to the protection to be effective, but it's a fail-safe lock on accumulated assets, and their appreciation.

Additionally, you can still make the spouse a beneficiary, as well as modify it to include the children that come along. It looks like a normal estate plan, but has the safety lock, to protect against losses of divorce.

The Best Estate Plan

Avoid Conflicts and Divorce

Communication in Advance can prevent problems:

  1. Avoid Tax Conflicts
  2. Understand Who will work outside the home
  3. Understand Cash Flows
  4. Understand Savings Plans
  5. Understand Existing Debt and Planned Debt
  6. Determine Banking and Signer on Checking Accounts
  7. Determine Health Insurance, Medical Problems Plan
  8. Understand you must live on a Budget
  9. What are the potential Job Benefits
  10. What are the potential Schooling Benefits, Student Debt, and Burdens
  11. Understand Credit Scores
  12. Understand Retirement Accounts
  13. Understand Financial Goals
  14. How many Children, Must a male child be a goal
  15. Understand Religion, Personal beliefs and training the children
  16. Understand Education Plans for the kids
  17. Understand Child Care, preschool, Music Lessons, Helping with homework
  18. Understand Vacation Goals
  19. Divide the chores and workload
  20. Determine conflict resolution methods and mediation system
  21. Understand intimacy and sexual expectations
  22. Understand physical looks, weight, and changes with age

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