Guardians for Minor Children

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Reasons given by most parents for procrastination when it comes to choosing guardians for their children should they die or become incapacitated and unable to do the job themselves.

Guardians are Already There

Actually, a Guardian will NOT usually appear. Most parents think that family members will be fighting over who gets to take care of their kids if something happens. This is often not the case. And without a will, a court will make that decision, not your family, after months, and perhaps care in a facility.


There is no perfect match. There is no “perfect” person to parent your children exactly the way you would, and there is no perfect parent. So consider what’s important to you and try to find someone who matches a majority of that list.

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Home Made Declaration

A letter will not do. Leaving a letter behind outlining your wishes is just a "List of Wishes". It is not a legally binding document, and the court will make your decision for you.

Get Permission and Agreement

Many parents who do name a guardian don’t want to discuss it with the person they’ve chosen. This is just wrong because until you discuss and agree, you won’t really know if they want or can handle the responsibility. You must be clear with your choice about your financial picture and what it will mean to care for your child.

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