Retirement Delayed

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Working Longer

News reports say that a majority of retirees plan to work through their retirement years as the result of having taken a financial hit in recent years. According to polls, 73 percent said they plan to keep working in retirement, which is up from 67 percent in previous surveys.

Affordable Lifestyle

Approximately 53 percent of the boomers surveyed said they donít feel they will be able to afford a comfortable retirement, which is up from 44 percent who expressed the same doubts earlier.

Losses from Retirement Accounts

Overall, 62 percent surveyed said they had lost money from at least one of the four most important components of their retirement savings plan:
  • 42 percent lost money from a workplace retirement savings plan
  • 41 percent lost money on personal investments
  • 32 percent lost money on an IRA
  • 29 percent lost money on real estate investments

Lifestyle Changes for Retirement

The poll also found that 41 percent say they are expecting to have to make lifestyle changes to accommodate a new retirement reality, and 31 percent believe they will struggle financially in retirement. About 23 percent said they will have to move to a smaller home when they retire.

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