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Reasons to NOT File Bankruptcy

  • It costs money to file for bankruptcy.
  • It requires you to pay attorneys.
  • It requires you to go before a judge many times.
  • It affects your credit for many years.
  • It's embarrassing.
  • It could get you into criminal trouble for a minor mistake.
  • It could get you into tax review and more problems.
  • It will not be effective without your spouse filing as well.
  • It takes months, perhaps longer.
  • It prevents you from starting over, until bankruptcy is done.
  • You may not be able to select assets to retain.
  • You will be forced to give a complete list of assets and spending.
  • You are not able to make gifts, or transfer assets.
  • You may not be able to maintain preferred accounts.
  • The court will control all bank accounts and cash.
  • The court can "undo" anything within the last 10 years.
  • The court can recommend criminal charges.

  • Free Consultation Trust Help

    What we do:

    We suggest a plan that eliminates most reasons for filing bankruptcy.

    We accomplish the results without most of the problems.

    We review and recommend options without the bias of a commission.

    We eliminate the criminal risks of perjury to a court.
The goal of this website and our skills in asset protection is to assist families and children. We are not an avenue to assist you in bankruptcy fraud, lying to a court, perjury, evading child support payments, or criminal activity.

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