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Private Vehicle Ownership and Registration

Owning a vehicle and maintaining privacy is very hard today in any country, especially the United States.

States and essentially all government employees, officials, and the businesses they sell their records to, now have all of your personal information as entrusted to them when you registered your car, your boat, scooter, cycle, and even your bicycles. Abuses of this information go beyond the employees, and beyond the businesses that buy it, but even to their trade partners and often to their families, friends, and other unauthorized associates.

The desperate broke sales of your information is bad enough, but insurance companies, tow truck companies, telemarketers, and even the public may access these records legally, or illegally.

Further yet, these records can cause you to lose your drivers license, if a camera issues a ticket, now assigned to your name and drivers license.

Your vehicle is at risk, because the name on the vehicle alerts tax collectors, informing them you are driving a vehicle worthy of a tax audit for being too successful. A difficult audit might make you agree to taxes you don't really owe, to release you from the risk of further persecution and penalties.

Vehicle records are now used to track you to your residence and know your lifestyle. This could be very disconcerting when you are driving and a passing motorist writes your license plate number down, then shows up at your house with stalking like behavior, or worse yet, a baseball bat because he feels hurt by your driving style.

A Private Asset Trust protects you from all of these problems by having the registration and title information held in the trust name. Additionally, you can have the address go to a safe place, instead of pointing at your home.

Additional Benefits of a Private Vehicle Trust

Owning a vehicle in trust can save you some fees and the effort of transferring ownership upon disposing of the vehicle. If you sell the vehicle to a friend, an employee, a family member, or someone else, you could "Sell The Trust", instead of selling the vehicle. This means transferring the trust to the new owner, instead of transferring the vehicle out of the trust. It also means you could keep the existing registration, the remaining paid months of registration, and there would be no sales tax on "selling" the vehicle. You simply change the trust with a single page stating who the new controller is, and who the new beneficiaries are. Too cool, and requires no changes at the motor vehicle department. Be sure the new person obtains insurance, before removing your own insurance.

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