Real Estate Privacy

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Private Residence

Public records, the county recorder, the utility companies, the County Assessor, and subscriptions like the newspaper, magazines, gardeners, security companies, all have your personal information combined with your personal (not-so-private) residence. Many sell this information, and the info is easily available to everyone, sometimes with a quick Google SEARCH.

Knowing where you live allows everyone to make assumptions as to your income, criminal associates, investments, number of children, number of cars, much of your lifestyle, and even travel plans. Because of the neighborhood, they can make guesstimates as to your education, income, habits, mortgage obligations, and friends. This allows reviewers to offer products that might interest you. Offers to install siding, install new garage doors, better windows, carpeting, jacuzzi and pool supplies to the wealthy, and high interest rate payday loans to the poor classes.

There are many reasons to privately protect your residence and real estate investments: