Protect Valuables

Trust Book by Jay Lashlee Book

Private protection for Collections

Most people have something to privately protect. You don't put a sign in your front yard saying you are a coin collector, or that you are storing a $20,000 Baseball Card Collection. Often, when you buy or received these items, they got processed into or delivered to your personal name. If you bought a registered gun, or joined the National Rifle Association, or the National Archery Association, or have subscriptions to their club news; they all have your personal name and you are entered into a database of semi-public information. You probably also gave them you residence address and other personal data. Many sell this information, and the info is easily available to everyone, sometimes with a quick Google SEARCH.

If the government outlaws ownership of gold, like they did in the past, or outlaws gun ownership, like they have done in so many other societies, you will be on the list to give up your righhts and valuables, an perhaps still be on their "Watch List".

A Private Asset Trust can: