Privacy For Banking

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Private Bank Accounts

Bank accounts, CDs, Savings Accounts, business accounts, accounts for children are all at risk for attachment and review by the courts, judgments, liens, and tax obligations. If you are a signer on an account belonging to another person, (or they on yours), that account is merged with both of your obligations. Effectively, a health emergency, a lawsuit, or tax obligation becomes a problem for BOTH account signers.

Banks often will disclose more information than they have a request for. Many are collecting huge amounts of your data, such as spending habits, stores you shop at, products you buy, your medical prescriptions, doctors payments, gifts to relatives, and travel data. This allows the bank to offer specific coupons and offers that might cause you to buy something. This data is valuable to the bank, and resold to marketing companies for enormous amounts of money. It's also data that is often given to the IRS, or a court, or Homeland Security, or anyone that has access to the bank, their affiliates, and or other interested individuals.

There are many reasons to privately protect your bank accounts and finances: