Trust Book by Jay Lashlee Book


With a Will

or LLC

Living Trust

Private Asset Trust

Buy, Sell, Loan, Borrow
or Pledge Assets
Normal Officer Must Sign Trustee Must Sign Trustee or Manager
Must Sign
Flexibility to Do as You Want Normal Shareholders Must Approve Yes, Sometimes Yes
Maintain Privacy of Beneficiaries No Seldom Sometimes Yes
Maintain Privacy of Control No No No Yes
Separate and Protect Individual Assets No Sometimes No Yes
Establish Credit Separate from Personal Credit No Sometimes No Sometimes
Separate Business and Personal Affairs No Sometimes No Yes
Limit State and Federal Taxes No Sometimes No Yes
Limit Self-Employment Taxes No No No Yes
Limit Lawsuit Liability No Sometimes No Yes
Change Beneficiary Interests as Desired N/A No Sometimes Yes
Allow for Private and Government Health Care No No Sometimes Yes
Earn Income Without Affecting Social Security No No No Sometimes
Documentation and Accounting Requirements Normal Extensive Normal Normal
Annual Reporting and Annual Fees No Yes No No
Valid in Multiple States Sometimes No, Unless Each State Paid Sometimes Yes
Startup Costs Minor High if Properly Organized About 1/2 of a Corporation About Same as Corporation
Annual Costs Minor High if Properly Organized Minor Minor
Difficulty of Management Minor Medium if Properly Maintained Minor Minor

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